Get Credit Cards for Bad Credit

* * * How to get credit cards with bad credit:

….. What many consumers fail to realize is that it is possible to get credit cards with bad credit. When applying for a credit card, companies take a few things into consideration. Unsurprisingly, the first is an applicant’s credit score.

….. Credit scores range from 300 to 850. Generally speaking, it is going to be difficult to get a credit card with a score of less than 620. According to Experian, the average score is 693. Additionally, 76% of the population has a score of 650 or higher. 11% of the population has a score between 600 and 649. The truth is, the majority of the population has good enough credit to get a credit card. Many consumers assume that their score is too low, when in reality, they have never tried to get credit cards with bad credit.

….. Unfortunately, a score of 620 is not going to help a person qualify for a card that requires excellent credit. These cards are usually reserved for individuals with scores of 720 or higher. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t qualify for a credit card with decent terms. To get credit cards with bad credit, the trick is knowing which card to apply for. This is because credit card companies consider recent credit inquiries when deciding whether to approve an application.

….. If a person with a lower credit score applies for several credit cards in quick succession, they may be denied for all of them. Credit card companies will not be willing to give credit to a person who is desperately trying to open multiple credit cards at once. It’s too risky.

….. To increase a consumer’s chances of being approved, it’s important to apply for one credit card at a time. Applying for two or more credit cards in one year may be grounds for denial. To get credit cards with bad credit, high risk borrowers must selectively apply for credit cards that accept consumers with fair to bad credit.